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LocalSaver has a large collection of local listings and our Fridley brokers in the neighborhood are here to help you in the Minnesota commercial real estate market. LocalSavers has the largest collection of local deals and we have a larger collection of local deals.

Lake Columbia is a so-called "cooling pond" of 400 hectares, according to DNR, and is located in the area known as the "Twin Cities." Olmsted County, Minnesota's largest county, contains at least one natural lake in every area of the state, with more than 1,000 acres of natural lakes.

Inc. and companies looking to buy, sell or rent commercial real estate in Fridley will find that the market is excellent and that the amenities necessary for a successful business operation are already in place. The municipality is positioned so that the purchase of commercial real estate is an easy and affordable option for business owners.

Check out our free commercial valuation where you can find out the value of Fridley commercial property. Use our detailed property filters to find the perfect location for you and help you purchase your next commercial property or negotiate the sale of an existing building professionally. For more information about the FrIDley Minnesota real estate market, call 1-763-401-7653 or visit the company's website.

For more information about Fridley Minnesota Real Estate, call 1-763-401-77653 or visit the company's website here.

The Kris Lindahl team offers an experienced commercial real estate firm serving the Twin Cities area including the Fridley community. If you are buying or selling a house in Fridsley, let us guide you through the buying and selling of your property today. Find out more about agent representation before you buy or sell your home or if you have bought or sold a Frodley house.

Minutes outside Minneapolis, Fridley also offers the added benefit of delicious dining, shopping and entertainment, not to mention clean and well-maintained parks and lakes. This makes it an ideal location for those looking to establish a new home in the heart of the Twin Cities with its proximity to the Minnesota State Fair and other events.

To access the lakes and fisheries information provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, including fishing information for each lake, and to view maps of the lakes, please click the links below. Look at this: Minnesota fishing reports appear on the ice crests at Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Lakes are dynamic ecosystems and frequently asked questions about the state of fisheries in Minnesota, which are presented in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

The listings of Inc. real estate are marked as held by Fridley Minnesota Realty, Inc. and its broker Kris Kowalski. Detailed information, including the name of the listed broker, can be found in the About Us section below.

The listings of Inc. real estate are marked as held by Fridley Minnesota Realty, Inc. and its broker Kris Kowalski. For more detailed information, including the name of the listed broker, see the About Us section below. It includes a list of neighborhoods to look at if you're interested in finding a new home in your neighborhood, as well as information about the history, amenities and amenities of the neighborhood.

Houses for sale in the area include detached houses, terraced houses, condominiums, condominiums and townhouses, as well as townhouses and apartment buildings. Single family homes tend to vary in price depending on the size of the property, location and number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other amenities. Other types of apartments that predominate in Fridley are houses that have been converted into apartments or other small residential buildings. The most expensive property costs $392,500, but the house that is most affordable is a townhouse or condo. Cheap properties can be purchased for under $80,000 and high-priced ones for over $1 million.

NeighborhoodScout data shows that Fridley homes have appreciated 1.20% in the last quarter, equivalent to an annual appreciation of about $1,000 per square foot over the past three years. Compared to Minnesota, the data base shows Frinley's recent annual rate of appreciation over the same period is about 2.5% above the national average.

The Fidley listings for the neighborhood have an average price of $166,000 per square foot, based on Zillow data for the first quarter of 2016, compared with $155,500 in the same quarter last year. The houses have living space with a walk-in - in wardrobe, living room, kitchen, dining area and bathroom. Many of the windows (Zilow) have 3 houses that match Long Lake, each with 1,200 square feet of living space. Frinley's property prices are well above average costs compared to national prices, according to NeighborhoodScout data.

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More About Fridley