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The new Wild Things Warehouse in Fridley, Minnesota, is open to the public. Sally's Saloon, voted one of the best bars in Minnesota for the last 19 years in a row, has always been a great place for college girls to enjoy an hour of free drinks.

It has a large courtyard and a huge bar inside, and a courtyard always helps, but the place exudes a great atmosphere with a good selection of beers, wines and cocktails, as well as good food.

Ladies Night in the Twin Cities is a great way to mingle with your girlfriend and indulge yourself with some top-notch drink deals. Jun 2016, they have free pinball and popcorn to cover a soda for all your needs, with free popcorn in boots pinsball.

Located on the campus of the University of Minnesota in the East Bank, this venue is regularly visited by leading jazz artists and also hosts concerts by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. This is one of the clubs closest to home, as it is the place to go if you want to see a live performance by a local band like the Minnesota Jazz Orchestra or the Twin Cities Jazz Society. Other popular music venues include the Armory, where Jennifer Lopez (p / nk) performed at Super Bowl LII, Amsterdam Music Hall, Hennepin County Courthouse and the Minneapolis Symphony Center.

This nightclub is set in the 50s and 60s and has lots of old jukeboxes and arcade games. It's not always vintage, but it's a fun place to visit if you don't want to dance and you and your friends would go there.

You'd have to leave the other clubs, just go to Tony Jaros' RiverGarden and end the night with a few greenies.

We saw the hockey team play North Stars and the live band was always down, but Twins Town is a great place to tee off your Gucci bandanna. Big venues aside, dozens of venues are bringing the musical and comedy, musicals and comedies to the side. The best comedians regularly come to the Twin Cities Theater to laugh. A handful of comedy clubs also have live performances by top comedians from across the country as well as local talent. Look for talent, whether you're singing or dancing all evening or looking forward to singalongs.

The bar is the modern answer to the old adage, but while happy hour is fun and drinks are good all week, you might want to have a bit more. The bar, which describes itself as "a modern version of the speakeasy of older people," also features a decorated lounge area for formal dining and dancing. Outside is a strip mall, and inside is an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, bars and restaurants with live music and entertainment.

Go Your list of Pinball Warehouse Inc. Entertainment Services for directions and more information about the location. Stay up to date with the top Fridley gift and specialty shops, visit Tripadvisor and search for the top 10 list of the best gift and specialty shops in the city. Workers have to wear masks, but they are not the only ones in the area who have masks on their hands.

Find out more about Fridley's top events and events in the arts, entertainment and nightlife by working on Tripadvisor and appearing in its listings.

Here you will find the music venues of the twin cities and a complete list of the most populous cities. While you are in the cities, take a trip down memory lane and see how many places you remember, where you went and what you went. Fill out our website and check the links below so you know where to go on your next trip.

Downtown Minneapolis is the center of nightlife, with popular bars and music clubs throughout the city. Blues and jazz are particularly big here, but most evenings of the week you can find everything from rock to reggae. A taste of each genre goes to the Minneapolis International Music Festival, a non-profit organization that brings international talent to Minneapolis. The cover fees at the music venues are often free or inexpensive, so if you're looking for a city where it's easy to get lost because the population is young, single and ready to party, this is an accurate list.

The U's Badminton Club is responsible for promoting and raising awareness of badminton tennis and for creating and providing a friendly and supportive community for interested students. You can hang out at various locations in the city, including the University of Minnesota, U of M and Ted Williams Park. Pickle Park is the northern stop in the city, but the Oak City or South City stops with a variety of bars and restaurants are also within easy reach.

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More About Fridley